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This section is general server questions - in which we will answer here.

Q: How do I connect to the Minecraft server?
A: Use the IP: play.zenithmc.net

Q: What does voting do and how do I vote?
A: Voting gives you Vote keys and In-game money. If you get a voting streak of 10 days, you will receive a Supporting tag on discord and the server.

Q: I found a bug on the server. Where do I report it?
A: You can report bugs on our #bugs channel on our Discord Server or by contacting a staff member.

Q: How do I get a rank?
A: You can visit our store to buy paid ranks and see the perks they are offering.

Q: I have a problem regarding the store and my payment. Who should I contact?
A: For support on financial issues, please send an email to support@zenithmc.net.

Q: I have a problem but there are no staff online. Help!
A: You can open a ticket on the Discord server. If your situation is urgent, you can tag a Staff Member.

Q: How do I become Staff?
A: You can apply for staff

Q: Can I be a builder?
A: You can apply for builder here.

Q: Where do I report a Staff Member?
A: You can report a Staff member here:

Q: I've been banned from the server. Can I appeal?

A: You can appeal here.
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