Pending BrLegends Staff Application


New member
1) What is your Minecraft username?
2) What is your Discord handle (e.g. Example#0001)?
3) Do you have access to a microphone to communicate on Discord via voice chat?
I have a AU - PM22 studio condenser mic capable of voice chat over discord
4) How old are you?
5) How long have you been playing on ZenithMC?
I have been playing since the server has released to all members
6) How much time can you contribute to ZenithMC on a weekly basis?
I can contribute anywhere from 3-10 hours a day as needed. However, I would be able to put in more hours if need be.
7) Have you been previously banned on ZenithMC or any other server? If yes, what for?
I have only been banned on a modded server for something my island member built. I have never been banned on any vanilla minecraft servers
8) Why are you applying for a staff position?
Because as it is the server has a staff member online every 5 hours or so, and with my playtime, I could bring the average up to less than an hour. I also have extensive knowledge on server issues and bug exploits that could be useful in making the server a stable and fun place to play on. I am also rather skilled at compiling data and presenting it in an easily understandable way, which has already proven to be useful to the wellbeing of the server.
9) What do you think you could bring to the staff team? Is there any aspect of the team or its performance that you feel you could improve upon by joining the team?
I feel that I could bring a massive boostin activity and perspective to the staff team. I am already the owner of the second best island, and the leader on baltop, which gives me insight into what methods users can use to make money, grind xp, ect.. This insight could help the staff team modify the money making methods and grinding methods to balance out the server tremendously, making a fair playing experience for all players. I also am quite active, and a moderator online as much as I am would make the server much better in terms of chat moderation and player relations.
10) Are you currently staff on any other servers, or were you in the past?
I was a staff member on survivalverse for the short amount of time it was up.



After reviewing your application - We would like to take you for an interview!

Can you display the times you are available!


Staff Application: Pending.