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  1. Amps

    Pending BrLegends Staff Application

    Hey! After reviewing your application - We would like to take you for an interview! Can you display the times you are available! Amps Staff Application: Pending.
  2. Amps

    Mooeena's Staff Application :)

    Hello, Unfortunately, your application has been unsuccessful at this time - You must be an active player for at least 3 weeks on the server before applying for any position. You may re-apply in 30 days. Amps. Staff Application: Denied.
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    Denied ignBans Staff Application

    Hello, After reviewing your application and your progression on our server - We find that you are not fit to be a staff member at this time. Feel free to re-apply in a months time. Amps Application: Denied.
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    Denied staff app

    Hi, This is has to be discussed with the rest of the team. We will switch your application status to pending. Please let us know your available times for a interview. Regards, Amps Staff Application: Pending
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    Denied staff app

    I confirm - he resigned.
  6. Amps

    Denied staff app

    Once that is done @evils will be taking over your application.
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    Denied staff app

    Everything should be noted here.
  8. Amps

    Denied staff app

    He is not owner here on ZenithMC. The official administrators are myself, and @evils
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    Denied staff app

    Hi, We do not accept players' that are already staff on another server. Also can you identify what your role was on other servers? Also if you can elaborate on how you can help benefit ZenithMC - These are questions that we have our eye opened to. Usually the wait time for re-applying is 1...
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    [Format] Ban Appeals

    ZenithMC Ban Appeal Process If you believe you were falsely muted and or banned, then you can create a punishment appeal. Please read the below information BEFORE creating a punishment appeal. These appeals are only meant to be created for the above reason. If you are guilty you will be denied...
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    [Format] Report a Player

    Reporting a Player Process Explanation Should you want to report player, this is the process that will take place - once your report has been submitted it will be looked into by the Staff team. They will then make a decision based on the report and a member of the Staff team will be in contact...
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    [Format] Report a Staff Member

    Reporting a Staff Member Process Explanation Should you want to report staff member, this is the process that will take place - once your report has been submitted it will be looked into by the Staff Management team. They will then make a decision based on the report and a member of the Staff...
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    [GUIDE] Staff Application Format

    First of all, thank you for considering applying for a staff position on ZenithMC! It means a lot to us that you want to provide your time in order to help us become better! Staff Application Process Explanation Currently we have a team of Senior Moderators and Administrators who review...
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    This section is general server questions - in which we will answer here. Q: How do I connect to the Minecraft server? A: Use the IP: Q: What does voting do and how do I vote? A: Voting gives you Vote keys and In-game money. If you get a voting streak of 10 days, you will...
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    [GUIDE] Minecraft & Forum Rules

    SERVER RULES Auto Mine Macros Auto mine macros are not allowed at all. This essentially means that you cannot leave an alternative account running 24/7 executing commands while still mining. This includes them being able to /fix all or executing commands like /home. Island Top There are a few...
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    [GUIDE] Minecraft & Forum Rules

    This thread contains all the rules and guidelines you need to abide by when playing on the ZenithMC network. If you do not follow these rules you will be punished by a member of our staff team. If you see anyone breaking these rules and wish to report them, feel free to make a thread in our...
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    Cozy Welcome to ZenithMC!

    Hello and welcome to ZenithMC! With our warmhearted community and cheerful staff, you'll find yourself cozy in our handcrafted SkyBlock experience. We have it all: custom plugins, giveaways, a fun server culture, and some of the friendliest players you'll meet! We throw a variety of events from...